Julian Beattie | Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer

About Me

about-me1These are the cliff-notes …..

- Adventurer / Wanderer (before it was cool)
- Coffee lover (before it was hipster)
- Hipster (kidding … kind of)
- SUP boarding / Spearfishing / Ocean living
- Sunshine Coast based but travel the world & nationally
- I’m an absolute nerd; this means anything from video-games to building computers
- I love to read … everything from Geoffrey Chaucer to Harry Potter
- I’m addicted to gym
- I love to cook
- I absolutely HATE my photo being taken!
- I absolutely LOVE taking other peoples photos (obviously)
- I grew up on an old bus (my parents were hippies)
- I play a few instruments, I sing, write and have produced a few of my own albums
- My safe place is at home, on my couch, wrapped in blankets watching BULK netflix
- I’m a shopaholic and shoe-aholic .. I own well over 40 pairs of shoes
- And for those who were on the fence … Yes, I am a guy.

This is the whole story ….

Well, I’m a travel hungry, coffee enthusiast who loves seeing the world like no one else does, or can. I thrive in chaos and live to be put on my toes — I love stories and even more, I dream to tell them, no matter the medium. I’ve lived abroad, I’ve wandered random back streets, I’ve gotten lost and I’ve found myself again an best of all, I have no direction when it comes to the places I love. I grew up on a big old purple bus that travelled around Australia with two hippie-gypsy parents and spent way too much time on the beach and in caravan parks. For this, I now hate sand and confined spaces. I own a cute chocolate labra-doodle named Eddie. I have too many nick-nack’s, though somehow, my desk is fastidiously organized. I’m fascinated by all things that go fast – and if I can figure out how to pilot / drive / ride / push it, I will. I love the smell of bitumen after a hot summers rain. I love clichés. I grew up with music and spent too much time in a recording studio. If you’re smart, you might even find an album of mine on iTunes. Though, I wouldn’t recommend it, at all. Seriously.

I love backpacks, satchels, bags and all things canvas. I love shoes. I love café-racers. I love cafes, full stop. I sometimes drag out my fixie, but am scared I’ll be called a hipster for it these days.  I sometimes have a beard, I sometimes don’t - the time between these periods is scarily short – I have a feeling I’m part Hungarian. I’m actually part French, part Scottish, part Aussie. But I miss Canada most of all. I have a weird obsession with mountains and maps. I’m a complete and utter nerd. I live in a gorgeous place – the Sunshine Coast, but I love to wander. And all in all, I love my life incredibly much and am completely stoked that I get to tell other peoples stories with my camera in hand.

It’s nice to meet you. You should call me Jules.

If you wander with me, I promise we’ll go on an adventure together, one that you’ll never forget.