Julian Beattie | Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find your prices?

Jump on over to my ‘contact’ page and use the contact form to receive my full, up to date price-list — it has a few questions to get you started on all your wedding details. Feel free to throw some more in, too. I love hearing all the deets!

Do you hold dates without a deposit or signed contract?

I’m afraid not. We don’t hold, reserve or set aside dates for any wedding during any month of the year without a signed contract and deposit – It’s first in, first served and even if you’ve inquired to ask if a date is free and it is free upon time of reply, it doesn’t mean it won’t be booked 1 minute or one week later. If you’re keen to lock in a date, then I highly recommend locking down a date with a deposit and a signing of a contract, otherwise dates can be booked at anytime, by anyone. And trust me, it happens.

Can we meet with you?

Of course! Jump on the contact page to see how you can get in touch with me. I truly love meeting with my clients and really think we should meet at least once — I always recommend a quick chat over the phone before booking as I feel chatting about all the details is always easier than emailing – then from there, either an engagement session before the big day or even just a coffee catch-up before the day is always super nice.

Where are you based? Do you travel interstate / internationally?

I certainly do! I am based on the Sunshine Coast (Queensland, Australia) but I do have an up to date passport ready to go at all times. I’ve shot a few weddings internationally already and loved it! I’ve also traveled quite a bit before, too (Japan, Canada, America, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan. Just to name a few!) and would be ecstatic to jump on a plane again, no matter the destination — internationally or even just interstate!

Do we get a high resolution copy of all the images?

You surely do. No matter the package or shoot, you receive all of your files on a DVD in a very cool little case. The files are JPEG (high resolution), free of any ‘watermark’ or ‘copyright’. And of course, all the files you receive have been lovingly hand-edited by yours truly.

If we give you a shot list, can you capture specific images or re-create others we have seen?

Unfortunately I don’t carry shot lists or stick to stringent schedules in the strictest sense. The reason my photos are candid, photo-journalistic and capture ‘real moments’ is because I simply follow the action and what is happening in front of the camera. I will not stop to check a shot list and I don’t guarantee moments. Also, I do not stage, setup or manufacture these moments, they simply have to happen naturally in order for them to mean a lot more and be “real”.

Carrying a shot list disturbs these real moments as it means I have to follow certain people and unfortunately, may miss out on other moments because of this. I strive to capture all the “key” moments and do my best to arrive before guests in order to capture styling details. But unfortunately, do not promise these things as, of course, I may be somewhere else capturing much more important moments — i.e. You and your new husband or wife during portraits, getting ready or hugging grandma :-} Sadly, I can’t be in all places at once and if your husband is hugging his mother while you are hugging yours (or vice versa), sadly this will mean one of you will miss out on a moment, unless you have hired a second shooter (which I highly recommend if these moments are a big deal to you).

Can we hire a second shooter?

Absolutely! Email us for prices, availability and details.

What do your wedding albums look like?

Good question! You can find your answer in detail right here — Fine Art Wedding Albums // Click Here!

Any other questions?

Feel free to contact me either via the contact page or the email address mentioned above. I’d love to answer any questions you may have!