Julian Beattie | Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer

These two are amazing. Truly amazing. When they first contacted me, what feels like years ago — They were pretty serious about having me as their photographer. Sadly, somewhere along the way, another Bride snapped up their original date before they could. I called Laura, heart in my chest to tell them the bad news (I honest to God felt like throwing up — And we hadn’t even met yet).

Long story short, after a breakfast date with her and Zane — Team Zora locked me in, a week later than their intended wedding date. Talk about dedication. When I say that these two are the epitome of awesome, you need to understand my full meaning — Not only did they have a kick-ass country wedding with all the trimming, they also went to the effort of erecting their own reception hall. Legit. They built it from scratch.

I’ll let the photos do the rest of the explaining. Seriously though …. they are awesome.

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  1. Scout09.11.12


    You rock my world.

  2. John Brown09.11.12

    GOOD ONE!!!!

  3. Stefanimae09.11.12


  4. Levi Tijerina09.11.12

    You killed it, Jules. 100% Rad

  5. Laura Brown09.11.12

    Simply amazing. We would’ve moved a thousand dates to have u there. U more than just the photographer, u were a guest and we were so grateful to have u share this special day with us. U rocked our tiny little world! Xx

  6. carly09.11.12


  7. David Watson09.11.12

    Best wedding I’ve ever been to and captured beautifully in the photography.

  8. Lucy09.11.12

    Awesome couple, magical wedding,
    talented photographer!

  9. Farrah Allan12.11.12

    Holy moly – what a gorgeous wedding. You captured it beautifully!!!

  10. caroline13.11.12

    you get the most AMAZING weddings! your work is amazing julian!

  11. John Vincent Benavente13.11.12

    Loved it dude!

  12. shane shepherd14.11.12

    great work dude…

  13. ilona18.11.12

    Fantastic guys, just like everyone else we thought it was the best ever wedding, great couple, great photographer, great day!!!!!

  14. Kayleigh Martin30.03.13

    Beautiful shots, great wedding, im planning something fun and carefree too and i find the cute couples style inspiring. Every time i see the shot of the brides dress in the water though my heart skips a few beats. A braver bride than i! Well done on a gorgeous wedding.x

  15. Kimmy02.05.13

    What a Quirky & Fun Wedding that must have been . Amazing shots I am sure they will cherish for the rest of their days! :)

  16. Sergio Cuesta12.04.17

    Wonderful photos, beautiful and emotive. I really love them.

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